Chantal HIX


Chantal HIX

Born in Paris and passionate about the Art world since childhood, after completing her art studies CHIX joined the creative panel of several international advertising agencies.

In 2013, she let loose her creative impulses and opened her studio, where, with a masterful stroke, she delivers a colourful and contemporary message.

Having opened the window to her imagination, each of her works captures her intuitive and emotive vision of a moment.

Her abstract art allows her to simplify the complex or to make the elementary sophisticated as she pleases, freely combining colour with ideas and line with emotion.

Her figurative art shows us amused or intriguing faces that reveal her vision of the other in the artist's distorting mirror.

Welcome to a world where movement, colour and forms vibrate in aesthetic harmony.



«International contemporary art fair»

art3f is shifting the boundaries of traditional contemporary art trade fairs by giving these cultural events back their warm, human side.
A VIP bar offers quality catering and a wonderful selection of wines, a jazzy ambiance, live performances, a happening zone reserved for children’s creativity: there are this many reasons to discover art as a family.

...22nd-23rd-24th-25th September 2016

Parc Expo Heysel

Palais 4

B-7061 Casteau - Belgium


To meet ...

Feel free to contact me by email or phone and I will receive you with pleasure in the privacy of my studio!

Yours Chix.

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